Story of the Earth Wisdom School

You know that deep place where tears reside. Mine have been shaped by the devastation we bring to the earth and her creatures. And when these tears surface and I wonder how I can best make a difference, the idea has kept coming: create a space that inspires and empowers people to become a beneficial presence for the earth. This has developed into the creation of an Earth School in Hogsback, a place of extraordinary natural beauty.  

The seed of this dream came from my post graduate studies where I learnt about ecosystems thriving under the care of communities. ​It was an important revelation to me that people don’t have to be a degrading force on the earth. My idea solidified during my PhD that explored the underlying reasons driving the trajectory of degradation that we’re on, as well as transformative possibilities. Through this research experience and numerous environmental education projects I’ve implemented, I’ve realised that true embodied learning happens when the heart, hands and mind are all involved. The structure of the Earth School programme follows this where there is a focus on developing a deep emotional connection with the earth and each other, relevant knowledge is shared and practical earth skills are gained. 

The Vision

Inspire and empower people to be a beneficial presence for the earth as hearts deeply connect with nature, minds receive knowledge to deepen insight and wisdom of nature's ways and hands gain the skills for a wide variety of earth aligned practices.    


Provide a complementary mix of inspiring and empowering learning opportunities.


Focused on connectedness, empathy, compassion, and kindness with the natural world.


Focused on thinking processeses that ​recognize relationality, reflexivity and critical thinking and to develop different types of knowledge from philosophical, spiritual, scientific and practical.  


To gain earth keeping skills such as bee keeping, permaculture, natural building, local resource use, recycling, water harvesting techniques, foraging for wild foods etc.

The strategy is to run educational programmes throughout the year that cater for the emotional, intellectual and practical needs of different groups of people. These programmes will vary in terms of content, duration, and outcomes.


International & local earth pilgrims

International and local earth pilgrims are invited to attend an intensive, 3 month long holistic, accredited learning, wilderness and cultural experience. Participants will deepen their love for the earth, gain transformative earth knowledge and be equipped with a range of earth benefiting skills. They will experience activities such as overnight horse rides, hiking in wilderness areas, spending time with African wildlife, boating on the Indian ocean, and immersion in local rural Xhosa villages. Participants will also participate in activities that benefit the broader Hogsback community and will help run the other Earth School courses.

3 Months

Scholars and teachers are offered three different programmes: 

1. A fun, interactive and nature focused programme that is designed to equip environmental clubs with a range of values, skills and knowledge so the participants will become true eco-champions in their homes, schools and communities.

2. Link environmental experience to the learning outcomes and assessment standards of CAPS.

3. Provide nature experience and team building opportunities to a class.  

2-7 Days
Disadvantaged youth

Healing, hope and inspiration through connection with the natural world.

 Introduction to sustainable environmental practices that provide livelihood opportunities. 

Develop earth keeping and entrepreneurial skills that increase livelihood opportunities.

1 Week
University students

Students will participate in an intensive & holistic programme that focusses on embodying environmental knowledge and praxis and provides a tangible experience of key learning themes in their particular course. 

1 Week
Spiritual pilgrims 

Participants are invited to dive deep  and explore the profound connection between earth keeping & spiritual practice, particularly from a Biblical perspective.

1 week
General public

Courses on a range of self-sufficiency practices ranging from permaculture, bee keeping, natural building, worm farms, food preservation etc.

Offer a space for people to come for an unstructured retreat where they can enjoy quiteness, beauty and the facilities on offer.

2 days - a week

Expertise is drawn on from a wide range of environmental experts to create exciting, meaningful and powerful learning experiences. Prices are subject to each group’s needs and the goal is to make it as affordable as possible.

     Wild Fox Hill is located on a + 5.5h local farm that is geared towards practices of self-sufficiency and sustainability. Eco-accommodation, learning spaces, and meals, derived from local, organically produced produce are provided.